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Explore through a wide range of modern and contemporary furniture from major furniture stores throughout Sydney. Furniture is part of our everyday lives, it is unavoidable. It can bring style and luxury to a home, and it can be moulded by us whether you want kids, outdoor or even entertainment furniture, you constantly have the chance to find what you need stylistically and in practical terms. It is possible to craft a attractive look in any room of a house so whatever style, colour, finish, size, or feature is needed you can find it in our range. Be passionate and creative with your decor, by letting your imagination take control. Use furniture to create a modern or classic style or even funky! A great tip for a bedroom is to buy a large bed, as its size will make a smaller room grow in stature, so avoid getting into the trap of buying smaller pieces for an already little room.

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The furniture listed here are from associated furniture retailers. All the furniture listed here will direct you to the furniture retailer in which you can either purchase from their online store, or visit one of their furniture stores located across Sydney. The modern furniture listed here are delivered all across the Sydney region, depending on the furniture retailer, certain conditions may apply.

Osaka Sofa by BoConcept

The Osaka sofa by BoConcept features a slim light look, perfect for small living spaces. The pure look of the Osaka sofa is softened with beautifully crafted details such as the elegant seams on the edges and optional tufting on the seat cushions. You can choose between a classic straight and a slightly curved armrest. The Osaka sofa is completely customisable...
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All you need to make a practical study nook at home

With so many of us now working from, we’ve started to focus more on how to make our work space reflect our needs. In this post we cover all you need to make a practical study nook at home using BoConcept’s stunning home office furniture. Saying goodbye to stuffy old offices with little to motivate you, now the power is in...
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Create the Scandinavian look at home with the Carmo sofa

The beauty and appeal of the Scandinavian look is that although it originates from northern European climates, it works incredibly well in the southern hemisphere too. Here we show you how to create the Scandinavian look at home with the Carmo sofa by BoConcept. Become an expert at styling your home in a homely, comfortable yet timeless way. Go to BoConcept’s...
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Bornholm – a new and elegant Scandinavian side table

These days, having furniture that can double up for multiple purposes and be placed in different rooms is key to modern living. That’s why the new Bornholm – a new and elegant Scandinavian side table from BoConcept is the perfect choice for beautiful Danish design combined with practicality. Small pieces of furniture can have big potential. Enjoy the flexibility of these...
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5 tips for a modern home office space

Working from home isn’t an unusual scenario anymore with more and more people having flexible work environments and choosing to work remotely. That’s why it’s vital to have all the key components to create a home office space that you look forward to being in. Here are 5 tips for a modern home office space. Realistically, if you live in an apartment,...
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5 Scandinavian space saving furniture pieces

As the holiday season approaches, we often have family and friends over to stay, but when space is limited, how do we accommodate them? Discover how these 5 Scandinavian space saving furniture pieces can make your life easier. Offering multifunctional uses, they are compact and therefore perfect for small space living. Featuring a 3-in-1 modern sofa bed and a footstool that...
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A modern Scandinavian sofa bed that offers peace of mind

Holiday season is looming and in Australia for a lot of us this means taking a chunk of time off to spend with family and friends over the Christmas period. With extra overnight guests comes the challenge of finding space for everyone to stay. That’s where a modern Scandinavian sofa bed that offers peace of mind for you and your guests,...
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A footstool that turns into a guest bed, Danish design at its best

In our nomadic culture, we look for flexibility as plans do tend to change all the time with our plethora of smart phone devices. This is why, a footstool that turns into a guest bed, really is Danish design at its best. Now, more than ever, we are seeing a high demand for furniture that is practical and beautiful yet adaptable....
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A table that can be both a coffee table and a dining table

When you need to make the most of the small amount of space in your living area, the Rubi table can be both a coffee table and a dining table. With just a couple of easy moves, the tabletop turns 90 degrees and then opens up into a double sized tabletop, perfect for entertaining guests at. The Rubi coffee table can...
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Style a Scandi sideboard in 2 different ways

With the Fermo sideboard, you don’t have to compromise on style just because it’s a great storage unit – with drawers, cupboards and a range of customization options, this sleek sideboard offers everything you need. When it comes to styling your sideboard, getting it right can make or break a room. In the video and tips from Stephanie below, we walk you...
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How to style the perfect sideboard

This BoConcept Fermo sideboard is a great option for 2 big reasons. 1. Shown here in lacquered white, it is ideal if you want to create an attractive and sophisticated wall setting in your living, dining or bedroom and (2.) it can discreetly store your everyday clutter out of the way. Including a set of drawers in the centre and cupboards...
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5 modern dining chairs for less than $700

When deciding to invest in good quality dining chairs, you don’t want to rush into it. It’s a good idea to consider what your needs are before you start shopping around. Paying a little more for a better quality chair may set you back more financially in the beginning but they will stand the test the time. At the same time,...
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Furniture Reviews – Sofas

King Furniture - Delta Metro review

The King Furniture Delta Metro is a very popular choice of sofa in Australia. The design combines a chaise longue with the added function of a sofa bed as well as storage space in the base. Here, we review both the pros and cons of this sofa, plus 2 similar alternatives to consider. There are lots of...
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5 Hacks to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom

Urban living for most of us, generally poses the challenge of working with at least one small bedroom. Maybe you live in a two-bedroom apartment, where the master bedroom offers generous proportions, while the guest bedroom is only a fraction of the size. Or you live in a studio apartment where your bedroom is part of the rest of your living...
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Choosing the right sofa for your home – 6 top tips

Buying a sofa is one of those big-ticket investment pieces that is potentially going to be in your living room for the next 5, 10 or even 15 years, so doing your homework and taking all the right things into consideration is worthwhile before you dive into any purchasing decisions. Here are our 6 top tips on how to go about choosing...
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Harvard Armchair – BoConcept

  Sometimes, when the pressures of everyday living get to be just a bit too much, all you really want is a safe corner in your modern world. A place for some stylish ‘me time’. The new Harvard recliner is the space you’ve been looking for. BoConcept wanted to create a chair that is functional, but also distinctive. A chair that embraces...
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Cupertino Desk – BoConcept


  • our desks come in a variety of colours and a choice of bases
  • our office chairs come in different colours and choice of legs
  • the 'all-in-one' Cupertino desk has integrated Bluetooth enabled speakers and storage space as well as easy cable management. It's available in two sizes as well as a wall-mounted version


Our customisable desks and chairs are produced upon order. Standard delivery...
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Desks – Copenhagen corner workstation


Scandi Style 

The new Copenhagen bookcase is as functional as it is stylish and can completely transform your house. Designed to solve modern storage shortages in homes, the Copenhagen can be customised to suit any space. Choose from different heights and widths, then design the internals to suit your needs. It can be anything from a sideboard to a corner desk,...
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