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JIMMY POSSUM is Australia’s largest producer of furniture manufactured from recycled timbers, and is the only manufacturer producing furniture from both new and recycled timbers in classic and contemporary designs. Margot and Alan Spalding (and five of their seven children (along with one son-in-law, aunt and cousin) are all involved in the day to day running of the business) are adamant about producing the highest quality product, providing the best possible service, creating a home away from home for their staff, and are committed to continuous company growth. But what is it that sets JIMMY POSSUM apart from the rest, you might ask? The answer: quality, creativity and originality. Maybe, additionally, their commitment to the community and the environment? Either that, or Possum Magic!

As has always been its wont, JIMMY POSSUM conducts all its business support functions in-house, and operates as a united, cohesive unit: it undertakes its own Marketing and Public Relations; it has its own Merchandising team which visits its interstate (and local) stores on a rotating basis; it writes and produces all its own ads, organises its own signage, and oversees every single word on every single one of its product information brochures; it undertakes its own very specific and highly individualised training of its staff in Retail, who are all interviewed and assessed by members of the Retail Leadership Team; and it has its own ICT Team which is available every day, every night, and every weekend to support this seven day per week business.

All the artwork sold in the JIMMY POSSUM stores is produced in-house, and is only available in JIMMY POSSUM stores (it’s not supplied to stockists), and each piece is quite unique. And from the Directors right down, all the cleaning within the stores is undertaken by the Possums themselves …. whether in high heels or not, nobody’s particularly interested in the ‘us and them’ mentality. And, of course JIMMY POSSUM has its own trucks and vans transporting product from the factory on a weekly basis, travelling to its stores in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne (as well as to the local Bendigo store).

JIMMY POSSUM continues to encourage young people (and, indeed, some mature-age people too) to undertake apprenticeships in Cabinet Making and Upholstery under the careful guidance of the Leadership at Possum Central (the factory!).

Tel: +61 2 9318 2233
Email: sydney@jimmypossum.com.au

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