Helping Mexican Businesses Conduct the Mandatory Pre-Entrance Exams for New Employees

Pre-employment entrance exams are required by federal law for every new hire in a business in Mexico. These exams help find out if a potential new hire has any diseases or other health issues that could be transferred to your business, as well as being an indicator of future performance.

Mexican companies can use the services of examenes medicos de ingreso CERTOLAB to conduct these exams easily.

What is the pre-employment exam?

The pre-employment exam is a basic health and physical condition screening that helps to determine if the potential employee has any diseases or other health issues. It also screens for blood pressure, heart rate, key organ function, hearing ability and color vision deficiencies. Typical tests include the following:

Height/weight measurement

Blood pressure test

Eye examination

Hearing evaluation

Pulmonary examination (spirometry)


What are some of the benefits?

As a company owner, you get to gauge how your new hire will perform at their job by reviewing their personal information, such as family history and medical history. You`l learn about smoking status, drug habits and anything else that may need to be addressed before they`re suitable for work can be shown by them.

These tests can help with overall safety in your workplace as well as providing a sense of relief when hiring someone who has been cleared medically fit for duty.

What are medical certificates?

Medical certificates are used to provide an overall picture of the health of an employee. They are likewise another federal requirement for Mexican businesses. There are different types of medical certificates; one of them can be issued by medical firms such as CERTOLAB certificado medico laboral CDMX.

When scrutinizing a person`s health and fitness, correctly-done entrance exams are very helpful, since outside parties look at these certificates.

Put yourself in the shoes of a new hire – it`s important to know how to take care of yourself so you`re prepared for work. When you do this for yourself, you`ve got to treat your employees no differently.

It is possible for a medical outsourcing business to hold you and your employees accountable to this discipline.

What do I do to pick the best medical service and testing business?

Accuracy of results is non-negotiable. You want to look at a business`s reputation and ensure that they don`t engage in fraud or other egregious neglect of attention to customer service.

Quality care is delivered by an experienced medical outsourcing company. Take a look at how they present themselves on the internet, and don`t forget to ask them for certification and proof of their expertise. Their history and reputation will more likely than not be a great predictor of the level of due care you & your employees would get.

You`ll also want to consider these questions:

– Do my employees travel outside the country? Or do they only need domestic coverage? If that`s the case, ensure that the company is licensed in the country of residence.

– What is the size of my business (how many workers?)

– What are my company`s needs?

The health and safety of your business are in good hands with examenes medicos de ingreso CERTOLAB. With a system that keeps your employee`s health at bay, and reduces hazards, you can focus on running your business with reduced stress.