Rekey or Replace Locks

Are you wondering whether you should rekey or replace your locks? Did you know a locksmith that is experienced will be able to rekey or replace locks (website)? There are many reasons for rekeying locks. There are also many reasons why it might be better to replace the locks altogether. We have put together this information to provide insight on rekeying locks versus replacing locks.  
The Argument for Rekeying Locks 
What does rekeying locks entail? When rekeying locks, a person must know how to handle springs and pins in the lock cylinder. Pins and springs will be swapped out with new springs and pins. What is the purpose of doing this? This is so a different key can then be used with the lock. If you don’t want to completely replace locks, rekeying lockss can be an option for you. Here are a few things to consider to help determine if rekeying locks might be the better route for you… 
Rekeying locks can be a good option if you have gone through a break up, whether you had a roommate move out, or if you are going through a divorce. If your partner was living with you, and you do not want them to have access to your home anymore, then you might want to consider having the locks rekeyed. This is a good option if the current locks are not damaged and in overall good working condition. 
Rekeying the locks can be a good option if you want the locks to be a match for one key. Are you tired of having to use a different key for each lock? Consider rekeying the locks.  
Rekeying locks can be a good option if a different person now has ownership of a property. Did you just transfer the title to your old home? Has there been a change in who owns your property? Did you recently purchase a new property? These are all scenarios that could lead to one wanting to rekey locks. Let’s say you live in a community that was put together by the same builder. If this is the case, then you could have a lock that has been master keyed. What does this mean? It simply means that your lock might have master pins inside. The pins are there to allow for multiple keys to be used with one lock. Rekeying the lock will mean having the master pins removed, so others can no longer access your locks. Contractors, builders, realtors and so on could otherwise have access to the same product as you. While this might not worry you, some would prefer to have the lock rekeyed as a security measure. 
As demonstrated here, rekeying a lock means the ability to fix concerns without replacing the lock. This can save money. 
Why Opt for Lock Replacement?  
Now that we have gone over lock rekeying and why this might be a good option for you, we are going to go over situations that might require lock replacement. Why would one opt to replace their locks when rekeying locks could be an option? Take a look… 
One might decide to replace locks if the locks are worn out. Locks can suffer wear and tear due to weather, years of usage, and more. If they are worn out or otherwise damaged in any way, they might be past the point of repair. You don’t want to rekey locks if they are not going to work and be sturdy and reliable. In this case, lock replacement might be a better option.  
If you simply want a new style or different kind of lock, then lock replacement is a good idea. Maybe you want to upgrade to keyless locks. Regardless of your reason, if you want a different style or type of lock, then lock replacement might be the way to go. 
Lock replacement might better accomodate a person who has a disability. Some locks are easier to use or in other words, they can be more accessible than other locks. A lever handle lock would mean avoiding fumbling with a knob lock, for instance. You might need the type of lock that can be accessed without needing to grip the lock. Other options include electronic lock and smart locks.  
As discussed here, different scenarios would warrant replacing a lock instead of the alternative option of rekeying a lock. A locksmith that is experienced can help to make the decision if you are unsure if lock replacement or rekeying is better for you. 
Often times, a person wants to rekey a lock so they can save on the cost of total lock replacement. Perhaps you would prefer to have your locks inspected so you can have a better idea if lock replacement or rekeying would be the better option for you and your specific situation. We wanted to share our knowledge with you and hope that this information on lock replacement versus lock rekeying has been beneficial for you. As previously mentioned, there are quite a few reasons for an individual to consider replacing and rekeying locks, or deciding on one over the other. Hopefully, you have a better idea of whether you wish to rekey or replace your locks after reading this information.  
Keep in mind that there are many reasons for rekeying locks. There are also many reasons why it might be better to replace the locks altogether. We have put together this information to provide insight on rekeying locks versus replacing locks. We are an experienced locksmith that is proficient in services such as lock replacement and rekeying locks (website). If you would like to make an appointment for service, just call on us and we will do our best to provide the assistance that you need. For us, customers come first, and we want to make sure they have the information they desire, whether that might be details on lock replacement or even on rekeying locks. 
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